"Sansay leads the industry in high-performance software-based SBCs for high demand service provider applications such as wholesale, SIP trunking, contact center and hosted VOIP networks. And they continue to break new ground with the introduction of their patented WebSBC(TMC)."

Kevin Barber,

"Sansay's VSX session border controllers have been the core engine in Compass Global's premier state-of-the-art global VOIP network for more than 2.5 years. The VSX's ability to interconnect using all known SIP and H323 protocol variants has allowed us Compass Global to interconnect seamlessly and efficiently to more than 350 major telecom companies around the world. The extensive list of features has given our NOC technicians an enhanced level of control in managing our traffic, and the extremely user friendly interface of the VSX switches makes training new technicians a breeze. We consistently get rave reviews from new employees about the switch's extensive capabilities and its ease of use.

Sansay has been an excellent partner in helping Compass Global to attain an exceptional record of growth and success in our industry. To date, we have billed over 1.5 billion minutes via our VSXs. We would not be where we are today without the tremendous commitment of time and resources they have made to supporting and understanding our business. We cannot recommend them highly enough."

Dean Cary

"Vinculum deployed the Sansay VSX several years ago and we are extremely pleased with the solution. Their products exceed expectations, their routing capabilities in particular excel among session controllers, and the level and quality of the support they provide make them an excellent partner to work and grow with. It's very clear to us why so many service providers have chosen Sansay in such a short time and for many distinct VoIP applications."

Scott Goodwin
Chief Executive Officer

"Having been in the Telecom industry for the past 25 years I have found that one thing is certain: Most of the carriers and vendors in the industry sell you what they think you want, not what they are able to support. When Accela was founded our mission was to sell only what we could do well, what we were able to support at a fair price to our customer. With that in mind, we looked for the same values in our own vendors.

When I was introduced to Sansay they were attentive to Accela's needs as a company both from a technical as well as a financial standpoint. They did not try to hard-sell their product and promised only what they could deliver. Over the past two years we have found that Sansay has delivered on everything they promised and they've worked with the Accela technical staff to develop software for special products that were needed. I would I buy from Sansay again – no doubt what so ever."

Brad Port
Vice President Operations

"Sansay has consistently delivered new features--on time--and they worked right out of the gate. I've never seen a vendor do either one of those things, let alone both at the same time. Sansay is the best piece of VOIP equipment ever to exist on the market."

James Siminoff
CEO, SimulScribe


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