Negating the need for costly Class 4 switches or gateways, Sansay’s VSXi VoIP session controller lets providers maximize the profitability of peer switching. The VSXi manages VoIP traffic combining call routing, CDR generation, security and network privacy while acting as a “billing switch” between carriers at a fraction of the cost for TDM switches or VoIP gateways.

Sansay’s routing options and LCR capabilities optimize bandwidth utilization to help providers achieve dramatic cost reductions versus other solutions. Customers like Compass Global have called Sansay session controllers the industry’s best, most scalable and “telecom friendly.”

“Before we migrated to Sansay, our TDM switch alone cost between $75,000-$90,000 per month for power and other environmentals, with DS3s, SS7 links and other facilities adding another $100,000,” noted Dean Cary, founder and CEO of Compass Global.” Mr. Cary further elaborated by saying, “With the new IP infrastructure we can replace what used to take up 2500 square feet with Sansay appliances the size of DVD players and consume less power than a hair dryer saving us $180,000-200,000 each month while our quality improved dramatically by eliminating conversions of voice calls between TDM and IP.”

Architected for profitable growth and for niche applications and capable of serving the world’s largest VoIP carriers, the VSXi deploys in a high availability, fully redundant configuration that assures 99.999% availability. Moreover, our VSXi can be configured to separate signaling and media handling and deliver sustained call switching at 3,000 cps per node. Using a network license model, VSXi session capacity is shared across multiple peering interconnect points, offering a single pool of sessions that is available to accommodate traffic bursts across peering points.

Advantages of the Sansay solution include:

  • Multiprotocal VoIP interworking: SIP, H.323
  • Sophisticated Least Cost Routing (LCR) and media switching
  • Fault-tolerant design for non-stop operations
  • IP class of service, queuing and traffic management solution
  • Up to 32 alternate routes
  • Proportional routing
  • Management system with web interface for configuration and management
  • Real-time voice Quality of Service (QoS) statistics, on call routing and media performance

The Sansay VSXi hides network topology while precluding distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. Sansay simplifies configuration for adding new partners with an efficient browser-based GUI that can be managed from any PC or workstation. The simple yet powerful tool lets users configure, test and monitor termination routes in minutes via XML from anywhere.

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Sansay Session Border Controller