At Sansay, we enable our customers to maximize the performance and profitable growth of their VoIP and WebRTC networks and services. That is what drove us to develop the first Intel/Linux high-performance SBCs and VoIP network infrastructure solutions. We did this by leveraging our deep expertise gained as pioneers in carrier-grade VoIP. From day one, our design objective was to achieve the highest-quality and most reliable software products utilizing standard off-the-shelf software (i.e., operating systems, drivers and hypervisor) and hardware to keep your costs manageable. This design approach enables us to support a full range of network deployment options for you, from appliances to private or public clouds, to conventional carrier networks to network functions virtualization (NFV) deployments.

For example, the VSXi session controller and WebSBC™ share a common code base and can be virtualized and deployed in private or public clouds. They provide session management and security across a network of servers, whether deployed in the service provider’s network or in platform-as-a-service deployments.

When you think Sansay, think virtualized, software-based, high-performance VoIP infrastructure. We are progressive and forward-looking with reliable and easy to use technology that is backed by our excellent service. Our solutions have stood the test of time, successfully enabling commercial VoIP services for many years as appliances, software, virtualized software or in the cloud.

Virtualized Deployment models for the cloud:

AWS – Session Control in Amazon Cloud
VMWare – Virtualization in the cloud
GCP – Google Cloud Platform
KVM – KVM Cloud
IBM – IBM Cloud

VSXi Datasheet