Sansay’s award winning Session Border Controller product family has been expanded to include WebRTC access to your existing SIP Service Infrastructure. The Sansay WebSBC™ provides everything needed to adapt the growing number of WebRTC endpoints for access to SIP based Applications. Because this is a feature upgrade to the Sansay VSXi, our WebSBC™ provides all of the network security and SIP Service Access capabilities you’ve come to rely on.

The Sansay WebSBC™ provides all of the features and functions necessary to enable you to connect to WebRTC endpoints with your existing SIP based Services and Applications.

The WebSBC™ adapts WebRTC clients to SIP Sessions within the VOIP Service Network. Functionality supported includes SIP Registration Proxy, Session Establishment Proxy, and Media Transformations as needed.

The WebSBC™ leverages the latest standards IETF standards, bypassing the SIP Over Web Sockets approach used by many early adopters and providing the latest JSEP signaling technology. The result is a truly lightweight browser plug in and lower network traffic when communicating with your customers.

With Sansay, you can focus on your business and let us worry about how to make the latest technology and trends work for you to reach more customers with lower cost and downtime.

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