With greater availability of broadband access, more powerful IP end devices, and more sophsticated network-based (or cloud) features, the case to move to IP access is increasingly compelling. Yet despite the widespread availability of IP for communications access, the majority of access lines have yet to migrate from traditional circuits. For communications service providers managing this migration of subscribers requires flexible, reliable, and feature-rich session control.

Service providers worldwide are using Sansay’s VSXi VoIP Session Controller to provide access-facing session border applications with SIP-based feature servers. Our VSXi enables providers to deliver voice and other communications services to business, residential, and wireless subscribers by providing NAT traversal, packet-header manipulations, performance monitoring, and other key capabilities.

The VSXi also provides advanced protocol normalization, security and registration, supporting up to 500,000 concurrent calls and 1 million SIP registrations per node. By load-balancing inbound calls for up to 64 feature servers and performing periodic subscriber registrations only as needed, the VSXi further minimizes the load on feature servers.

Other advantages in retail applications include:

  • Full firewall protection for CMS, Softswitches or Feature Servers
  • Supports thousands of subscriber partitions for hosted applications
  • Firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) traversal, near- and far-end
  • Network asset protection from denial of service attacks (DoS)
  • 500,000 concurrent calls per node
  • 3,000 Calls per Second (CPS) sustained call rate
  • Fully fault tolerant with call states maintained during failover for no lost calls
  • Protocol translation for SIP-H.323 interworking
  • Hitless upgrades and 99.999% uptime

While preventing against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, the VSXi hides IP network topology to safeguard resources. With the ability to write CDRs or send Radius messages for each call attempt, the VSXi lets managers monitor the performance (ASR and ACD) of each endpoint in real time using an intuitive management GUI.

Using Sansay’s VSXi combined with a feature server or IP communications Application Server offers a best-of-breed approach to enhanced services delivery.

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