The Sansay VSXi Session Controller is excellent in SIP Trunking applications as it can manage the Least Cost Routing and NAT Traversal requirements and interworks with leading SIP application servers such as BroadSoft’s BroadWorks. Our VSXi can manage 100,000 trunk groups to SMB customers, regardless if they employ NAT or open addresses. The VSXi also can provide 8XX to DID translations, CNAM lookups, and 911 call handling.

The extensive functionality housed in Sansay’s VSXi VoIP session controller allows flexible growth and expansion of the network infrastructure with minimal capital investment. The VSXi can be positioned at the core or edge of a carrier’s network to manage VoIP traffic between SIP Proxies, SIP feature servers, SIP UAs, H.323 gateways, IP-PBXs and H.323 gatekeepers. With full VoIP admission control and routing of in- and out-bound calls to leading IP PBXs, the VSXi can also be used to interface to other carrier networks.

The XML control simplifies service provisioning so providers can quickly deploy VSXis at many locations offering SIP Trunking services in multiple POPs. The VSXi reduces the carrier’s CAPEX for opening new markets. Other equipment requirements can be reduced with the Sansay solution negating the need for additional VoIP gateways and other devices in those POPs to handle or hand off calls. Sansay’s extensive protocol interworking creates a single routing layer for all calls that enables carriers to fine-tune routing and maximize profits.

Other Sansay SIP trunking advantages include:

  • Immediate, on-the-fly routing updates from billing servers
  • Higher call completion rates using up to 32 alternate routes
  • Faster and more flexible customer configuration
  • Rapid problem isolation with detailed customer statistics
  • Easy to use browser based GUI

The VSXi hides network topography while preventing distributed denial of service (DDoOS) attacks to optimize privacy and performance simultaneously. Recognized industry-wide for advanced trunking capabilities, Sansay helps providers cap investments in legacy TDM switches and profit as they migrate to more flexible IP infrastructures.

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Sansay Session Border Controller