Despite the ubiquity of cell phones, the market for pre-paid phone services and calling cards continues to thrive, particularly for international calls. Migrating these operators off costly, antiquated TDM infrastructures to VoIP facilities helps providers offer compelling pre-paid rates and minimize operating costs. In addition the VoIP technology can help reduce operational overhead with advanced management applications.

Sansay’s VSXi VoIP Session Controllers cost-efficiently handle traffic from SIP-based IVR products, processing PIN numbers and routing calls via least-cost routes. The Sansay VSXi offers excellent Least Cost Routing so IVR applications do not need to manage termination partner signaling. Protocol interworking also allows termination partners to use H.323 GK and Gateway protocols for lowest cost terminations. Sansay session controllers are deployed in pre-paid applications worldwide with leading IVR platforms from IVR Technology, Pactoulos and other partners.
Advantages in prepaid businesses include:

  • Multiprotocol VoIP interworking: SIP and H.323.
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) and media switching
  • Network (IP) topology protection
  • Network asset protection from denial of service (DoS) attacks
  • IP class of service, queuing and traffic management solution
    Up to 32 alternate routes
  • Specialized Call Detail Records (CDRs) with Quality of Service (QoS) metrics for VoIP
  • Real-time voice QoS statistics, on call routing and media performance
  • Intelligent hair-pinning of media

Sansay’s least-cost routing (LCR) capabilities, high capacity and 99.999% availability help VoIP providers strike a balance between performance and profitability – impossible to realize with TDM systems. Web-based management and XML configuration further reduce operations costs and complexity, increasing the profitability of these services over time.

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Sansay Session Border Controller