Maximize profits and uptime while reducing OPEX costs

Sansay customers rely on their network to provide the five nines availability expected in today’s competitive wholesale and retail landscape. This reliability cannot come at the expense of higher operational costs which is why Sansay’s user friendly VSXi session controller is integral to their success. In addition to being one of the most reliable devices in the session controller market the system is easy to use and provides onboard detailed analysis for monitoring performance and troubleshooting. Easy to use SIP Profiles and SOAP API controls simplify network provisioning and reduce errors when making network changes. Additionally, sophisticated DoS/DDoS handling mechanisms ensure application availability even under high grade network attacks.

Managing the network is only part of the equation for profitability. The network must be able to analyze and act on the relevant information in real time as part of a high performance call flow. The Sansay VSXi is able to route intelligently based on Dialed Number (DNIS), Location Routing Number (LRN) and Billing Telephone Number (BTN/ANI). Our VSXi performs LNP/MNP lookups and jurisdictional comparisons for all these fields in order to select the proper termination points for each call. Additional routing options include external route servers and ENUM based route servers. And the VSXi is able to route and complete calls at 3,000 Calls Per Second per node, the highest in the industry. Miercom independently validated Sansay’s VSXi performance as the highest that they have seen in their testing.

As a network scales in terms of capacity the need for geo-redundancy increases and the Sansay VSXi utilizes a unique Network License Zone that permits redundant locations to be deployed at very low cost. Each network is licensed as a whole entity, not by device or site. This increases the deployment options and network architects can increase reliability without excessive license costs. Even the traffic modeling for Call Admission Control is sharable between nodes giving network wide control over session count, calls per second.

Features important for retail and wholesale VoIP applications:

  • Sophisticated Least Cost Routing (LCR) with multifactorial jurisdictional determination.
  • Fault tolerant architecture for non-stop operations, no lost calls on failovers and hitless upgrades
  • Programmable topology hiding elements for SIP headers and media flows
  • DoS/DDoS protection and network stealth
  • Onboard real time statistics for call and media performance
  • Transcoding option to solve fax and audio issues and to handle wireless operator traffic
  • High capacity systems with external media servers and transcoders
  • Network License Zones for efficient network scaling and redundancy