Sansay, Inc. was founded in June 2002 with the objective of developing the highest quality VoIP infrastructure for carriers and service providers worldwide. Sansay’s extreme focus on quality products and customer support has resulted in commercial deployment of Sansay equipment for over 400 communications service providers in their production networks.

Sansay is unwavering in its commitment to quality products and support for its customers. And in an industry where quality brings tremendous value for service providers, Sansay’s approach has helped Sansay grow. Much of Sansay’s new business has been driven by referrals from satisfied customers and from reorders and the success of our customer base. For the most part, service providers with the opportunity to trial Sansay equipment and experience Sansay support buy our equipment and become customers.

Sansay’s success is the result of extraordinary expertise, clear vision, and consistent execution. Key members of Sansay’s senior leadership worked together in the design, development, and commercialization of high performance infrastructure dating back to the mid-90s. As founders and senior leaders at Nuera Communications, Sansay executives led end-to-end systems development and commercialization – becoming fluent in all aspects of hardware, software, and systems design for next-generation communications infrastructure.

For today’s service providers, Sansay’s industry savvy translates into a holistic approach to product design and support. Sansay product, engineering, and support understand the breadth of systems required to deliver communications services. Sansay continues to innovate with a clear understanding of the challenges not just around our equipment, but related to the operating challenges and industry trends foremost in the minds of our customers.

Please take the time to get to know Sansay. The more you learn about our company, the more you’ll see why our customers are not only “satisfied” but so pleased with Sansay products and support that they enthusiastically recommend us to associates throughout the industry.

For prospects, customers, and integrators / resellers looking for information about our advanced session control solutions: please contact us here.

Sansay was recognized as a visionary SBC developer in Gartner’s 2013 service provider SBC study.