Intelligent Transcoding Solutions for VoIP and fax solutions

In order to provide high quality end to end connectivity for real time media streams the best codecs must be used for the network environment. Sansay’s transcoding solutions allow the endpoints within the network to operate independently in order to ensure the best user experience for voice, video, fax or conferencing sessions.Intelligent Transcoding Solutions for VoIP and fax solutions

Sansay’s transcoding solutions use high performance DSP chips so the systems are scalable to thousands of sessions with perfect quality for any to any codec transcoding requirements. The Sansay solutions come with our media handling server (MST3) or as a component to the our INX session controller.

Sansay’s transcoders provide intelligent use of their DSP resources by enabling transcoding at the end of the session setup messaging. So the network manager can ensure that transcoding resources are only utilized when absolutely necessary based on the termination devices. In addition, the systems provide high capacity switching of the non-transcoded calls in order to save rack space and cost.