Sansay’s VSXi session controller provides critical functions for the delivery of VoIP and other next-generation communications services. Key functions include security, traffic management, and session routing. These functions are a critical part of enabling service providers to deliver the highest quality services to their end customers.

The VSXi supports major service provider market segments. These segments are best described by their end customers as shown below. For example wholesale termination providers use the VSXi for interconnecting with other service providers. SIP trunking providers use the VSXi to serve business customers, and prepaid providers use the VSXi to directly service end users.

Key Sansay Service Provider Segments and End Customers

Learn more about Sansay product capabilities and how they support key service provider market segments. Explore how these service provider segments use Sansay infrastructure to differentiate their offerings in the marketplace and bring positive returns for their businesses.

For more information about specific markets, best practices using the VSXi, and unique opportunities for communications service providers in these specific markets, please contact us for more information.