Cost-savings continues to be one of the critical driving forces behind telecom’s mass migration to IP. Sansay’s flexible, intelligent real-time routing capabilities help providers find and utilize the best rates offered by their lowest-cost termination partners. By providing comprehensive session admission control features, the Sansay VSXi enables providers to optimize the routing and termination capacity on a customer by customer basis. Supporting up to 1000 route tables and 90 million route entries Sansay’s VSXi gives route designers total freedom and control.

Our VSXi routing can be DNIS or ANI-based with tech prefix and digit translation capability. Codec-optimized routing is also configurable to provide tiered service levels. Sansay session controllers deliver the industry’s premier least-cost routing (LCR) capabilities establishing up to 32 alternate routes with options like time-of-day and day-of week routing, and the ability to segment inter-state and intra-state traffic.

The Sansay VSXi provides routing configuration from rating engines or billing applications via browser-based XML modifications from any PC or workstation. The entire routing control of the VSXi is managed by XML or CSV input to reduce operating complexity. The Sansay EMS supports SOAP configuration commands with a GUI interface with real time routing statistics.

Because costs can generally be minimized by routing via IP networks where possible, Sansay session controllers interface directly to leading ENUM directories of IP addresses associated with phone numbers. Sansay’s VSXi VoIP session controller is the first to include built-in interoperability with Stealth Communications’ ENUM database within the Voice Peering Forum fabric. With locations across the US and Europe, Stealth’s registry is the world’s first and largest registry with more than 11 million phone numbers enlisted by major providers worldwide.

Sansay’s extensive Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities ensure that utilizing low-cost routes, even to reach underdeveloped areas, will not impede quality. By balancing cost, quality and security in real-time, Sansay session controllers raise performance and profitability in tandem and on-the-fly.

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