Testing Shows Sansay Leads SBC Competitors in Performance

A single VSXi SBC node validated for 510,000 concurrent calls and 3,000 calls per second

Results from independent testing by Miercom, a global leader in independent product testing, has determined that Sansay’s VSXi session border controller (SBC) and MST3 media handling products have the highest session-handling capabilities tested to date.

Results and Key Findings:

1. Sansay’s VSXi session controller delivers exceptional VoIP performance, scalability and resilience. The software-based, cloud-ready VSXi SBC was tested running on a one-rack unit (1RU), Linux-based commercial off-the-shelf server for the test configuration. The testing verified the following:

  • Over 510,000 concurrent calls with media paths
  • 1 million concurrent SIP user registrations, or up to 250,000 secure TLS-based registrations
  • Sustained switching of over 3,000 calls per second (cps).

2. Separate MST3 media servers can each handle 30,000 concurrent RTP media channels and, up to 2,500 transcoded VoIP streams. Super-scalable: Up to 32 media servers can be incrementally added to a single VSXi system.

3. High-availability failover of VSXi controllers; withstands DoS attacks; most critical components redundant, hot-swappable.

4. Flexibly deployable: VSXi systems are integral in cellular and cable networks, in retail and wholesale VoIP markets, in access and interconnect roles. The VSXi is also virtualized in cloud services such as AWS, Terremark or Softlayer.

Because the product is software, node clustering and virtualization enable the necessary scalability for any size VoIP network deployment. Furthermore, capabilities are not sacrificed to achieve this performance, as noted, the VSXi SBC demonstrated robust failover capabilities, with no lost calls and flawless handling of malicious attacks as it maintained these high traffic volumes during the test period.

Miercom’s testing results verify that VoIP service providers can rely on Sansay’s VSXi SBC to maximize the performance, elasticity, security and reliability of their VoIP networks in order to handle traffic growth and peak voice and conferencing traffic volume even during extreme network conditions and during periods of malicious attacks.

VoIP providers count on Sansay to enable their growth and success by leveraging Sansay’s virtualized, software-based VoIP infrastructure solutions for unmatched performance and robustness whether deployed as an appliance, software or in the cloud.

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