The INX has a built-in media switching engine and is capable of handling 400,000 active sessions with 1 million subscribers. It is designed to provide maximum uptime and throughput due to its redundant fault-tolerant architecture. For optimum performance at high-volume sites, dedicated hardware is required to minimize delay and jitter on sensitive media packets. With its capability to decrypt the SRTP media at the edge of the carrier network, the INX enables a simplified core architecture while lowering the cost of deployments. The INX delivers in-depth information on all sessions including route performance and media quality (MOS) on each call leg. If needed, the INX may also be configured to control an external media switch engine.

For sites that require maximum capacity and performance, the INX can be split into the VSXi session controller and MST3 media handling and transcoding switches. Leveraging the same code base and performance as the INX, the VSXi and MST3 combination provides unparalleled performance and scalability for the most demanding network applications.

VSXi Datasheet