The BLCR is a purpose built Least Cost Routing (LCR) engine that is based on a predictive model design which allows carriers to optimize routing prior to the implementation in their networks. The BLCR is fully integrated with the HRS and VSXi provisioning logic and creates the business and policy foundation for the service provider. Routing is not just about margin but also about building in quality as part of the route development and Sansay’s predictive analytics tools allows carriers to achieve a much better routing outcome.

  • Manages vendor costs with rate sheet importation and generation
  • Policy based routing solutions for optimizing margin and performance
  • Sandbox based modeling and test environment prior to implementation
  • Allows building of models comparing costs and quality
  • Manages retail offering  to insure costs and margins and maintained- SIP trunks retail phone service
  • Multidimensional routing table design simplify table management and reduce labor cost that today manages multiple route tables

Rome Business LCR server (LCR)