Extend your carrier routing, billing and network intelligence with Rome

As a leading global provider of intelligent routing and session control solutions to wholesale carriers Sansay’s Rome platform centralizes all of the routing intelligence and policies for a carrier’s VoIP network and allows the network to leverage this intelligence, on a call-by-call basis. Increased visibility into network performance can yield significant improvements to overall operational performance and a service provider’s bottom-line business success. Sansay’s new feature rich billing platform has been added to the Rome family in order to enhance the overall platform offering. The benefits of the Sansay Rome platform include the following:

  • Deployed globally with an extensive customer base achieving an exceptional Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in carrier networks.
  • Centralized routing, billing, policy, analytics platform with GUI based provisioning that allows carriers to manage services across their entire network.
  • Sophisticated Least Cost Routing (LCR) with multifactorial jurisdictional determination and routing based on Dialed Number (DNIS), Location Routing Number (LRN) and Billing Telephone Number (BTN/ANI and, Industry Consortium numbers such as GSMA that are distinct from RN.
  • Enhanced LCR to provide predictive policy based model driven routing
  • Transaction rates of 20,000 route queries per second.
  • SOAP XML API interface to back office provisioning systems to allow for database automation.
  • Multiple deployment options including standalone independent platforms for maximum flexibility and scale.

The Sansay product portfolio including the Rome product family and individual product descriptions are shown below:

  • HRS- High Speed Route Server that centralizes the carriers routing and policy decision making
  • Business LCR-Enhanced LCR application that provides predictive business model based routing configurations for the HRS and directly to the VSXi systems.
  • NLS- Number Lookup Server that provides LNP based routing lookups that can improve routing accuracy, increases network wide call performance and can reduce termination costs
  • HBS- High Speed Billing Server that provides a comprehensive carrier billing and reporting solution
  • MMS- Performance monitoring and management system that provides session performance analytics and VSXi configuration management for single or multi-site deployment configurations

The Rome product family can be deployed in carrier networks as a complete family or deployed as individual platforms. All Rome HRS and NLS platforms support queries from a number of VoIP devices including the Sansay VSXi session controller. The high transaction rate of these devices allows the support of a large number of VSXi systems at one time. Routing and number lookup queries are sent to the platforms via a SIP invite message and responded with a SIP 302 redirect message. Additionally Rome can support services to other 3rd party session controllers that support SIP 302 redirect messages.

Performance monitoring, policy management and the associated data analysis have become a critical and a growing need for carriers; the Rome MMS platform addresses these needs. Providing historical and real time charting of ASR, ACR, PDD, and MOS scoring as well as alerting support staff by SMS and email enables carriers to achieve a high level of management control over the network.