The Rome HBS is a fast and efficient invoicing engine that performs all invoicing, multi-location invoicing, taxing, and analytics of call detail records (CDR) pulled from the VSXi or 3rd party session controller. The HBS provides a wide array of features for monthly recurring charges, non-recurring charges, discounting, and usage surcharges. It has a modular system design that allows for superior performance, scalability, ease of systems upgrades, and maintenance without affecting user access. The HBS includes the following example features:

  • Ability to seamlessly modify post-production invoices
  • Flexible invoice presentation
  • Full system cost and margin reporting analysis produced hourly
  • Reporting that can be provided via Internet interface, smartphone interface, or data file
  • Proven cost accounting and reconciliation processes
  • A simple, intuitive, and well documented user interface
  • LERG based billing NPA NXX
  • Multi –tiered Agent and customer access portal for reporting and CDR access
  • Versatility in billing – multi-jurisdictional type billing supporting every common rating format
  • Customized security levels
  • Very open billing solution

In the following diagram the HBS is receiving CDR’s from the VSXi or 3rd party session controller and is providing the customer tracking and invoicing the carrier requires to proper bill and reconcile transactions. In addition the HBS provides portal for reseller agents and directly to customers so they can view daily call and performance reports.