The Rome NLS is a high capacity, stateless database server that enables Sansay VSXi or 3rd party Session controllers or softswitch platforms to access Local Number Portability (LNP) data.Routing with accurate LNP data is increasingly important as 40% or more of US bound calls are directed to ported numbers. The NLS accesses local number portability information on a scheduled basis from the industry LNP administrator. Through regular updates, the NLS provides a near real-time representation of ported number information, assuring telecom service providers of the most accurate routing information possible. The NLS uses a clustered redundancy scheme to achieve high availability support levels.  The Rome NLS provides the following benefits to carriers:

  • Reduce termination costs by as much as 30%
  • Reduce per dip charges verses lookup services
  • Reduce costly billing issues and disputes
  • Speed network-wide call performance
  • Speed call setup and reduce post-dial delay

As shown below the NLS accesses the LNP database and is updated periodically (15 minute typical) with changes to the database when numbers are ported. The VSXi will query the NLS data base for the ported number information and routes the particular service based on this information.

Rome Number Lookup Server (NLS)