Joint Solution Gives Service Providers Reliable “One‐Step” Emergency Call Handling

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 15, 2006 – HBF Group, Inc., a leading provider of 9‐1‐1 technology, is adding Session Border Control (SBC) technology from Sansay, Inc. to optimize the quality and efficiency of HBFʹsE‐911 solutions for providers of VoIP services. Sansayʹs VSX VoIP session controller adds traffic management and quality control essential in delivering HBFʹs unique ʺone‐stepʺ handling of emergency calls.

In response to regulatory mandates for VoIP E911 compliance, HBF developed a comprehensive Enhanced 9‐1‐1 database software solution for the emergency telecommunications industry. The companyʹs Enhanced 9‐1‐1 system directs 9‐1‐1 call routing from the service order to Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs), offering VoIP service providers a one‐step, single‐supplier solution. Sansayʹs widely deployed, scalable and flexible session control systems direct E911 voice traffic to the appropriate networks while normalizing SIP traffic and providing a secure environment for both signaling and media flow‐though.

Jim Shepard, Executive Vice President, HBF Group, Inc. said robustness and flexibility distinguished Sansayʹs technology from competitive SBC offerings. ʺWe tested several solutions and found Sansay the most efficient and reliable,ʺ said Shepard. ʺTheir products met our stringent uptime needs and have the agility to rapidly adapt to the latest industry standards and regulatory mandates.ʺ

Commercially available and deployed in revenue networks since April 2004, Sansayʹs SBC solutions are the fastest‐growing in the space with over 70 deployments worldwide. Along with overall product performance, Sansay continues to find preference among service providers and partners such as operators of E911 and ENUM database services with the right mix of features, deployment flexibility and ease of use.

ʺThis partnership with HBF is a very gratifying ʹwinʹ for us not only as a result of prevailing through HBFs rigorous qualification and selection process, but because the application is so critical to public safety and the future of VoIP, and HBF truly understands and optimizes the process for service providers,ʺ said Andy Voss, President and CEO of Sansay, Inc.

About HBF

HBF Group, Inc. is the 9‐1‐1 technology leader providing cutting edge solutions to the 91‐1 industry. HBF deployed the first state‐wide 9‐1‐1 deployment in the United States as well as the first province‐wide deployment in Canada. HBF offers a full line of wireline, wireless, and VoIP 9‐1‐1 products and services for all of North America and serves world‐class carriers including Sprint, Verizon, MTS, Aliant, Vonage Canada and many other top‐tier VoIP Service Providers.

About Sansay

Sansay, Inc. is a leading provider of VOIP inter‐carrier/peering and subscriber access session control systems that deliver a unique combination of industry‐leading performance, stability and scalability. Service providers worldwide can improve service quality, reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and gain control over a wide range of VOIP applications including domestic/international wholesale, calling card, residential and business VOIP service, call/contact center and e‐911 service.

Founded in 2002, Sansayʹs team includes the co‐founder and several founding technical executives of Nuera Communications. Much of Sansayʹs team have worked closely together since 1993, gaining unparalleled experience and a reputation among VOIP service providers worldwide for their role in conceiving/developing/launching and supporting the highest‐quality products in the VOIP infrastructure market over the past ten years. Sansay is a privately held company with headquarters in San Diego, CA.