Quality and Profitability Improve Significantly

March 20th, 2006 – Compass Global, Inc., a leading operator of IP‐based international voice and data communications networks, is using Sansay’s VSX VOIP session control systems to minimize operating costs while maximizing the quality of service to hard‐to‐reach destinations.

Compass Global builds and operates international communications networks between the United States and destinations with underdeveloped telecom infrastructures in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, partnering with in‐country carriers to build routes and reselling minutes to leading global service providers. Deploying Sansay equipment beginning in 2004, Compass Global has migrated 95% of its wholesale traffic and virtually all of its retail traffic to an IP infrastructure, achieving not only dramatic cost reductions but notable improvements in voice quality. Now averaging 75 million minutes of traffic per month, Compass Global engineers its network to support more than twice that amount to accommodate peak hours.

Compass Global carefully evaluated numerous session control systems before selecting Sansay’s VSX systems. “We had originally been looking to complement our TDM switch with VOIP, but it quickly became obvious that the world was moving toward a global VOIP to VOIP infrastructure,” said Dean Cary, founder and CEO of Compass Global. “Sansay was the only company who really listened, understood, and appreciated the significance of what we wanted to do. In talking to another leading session control company we felt like we were talking to our TDM switch vendor again; like it would be very difficult to get anything customized. With Sansay it’s been a real win‐win on both sides. Their willingness and ability to work with us has made the combination of their systems and our in‐house software extremely powerful. And performance‐wise, we tested several solutions for months and found Sansay to be the best and most scalable, and definitely the most ‘telecom friendly’ session controller on the market.”

As a result of converting to an IP based infrastructure based on Sansay systems and tight integration with their in‐house “Global Traffic Management” ™ software, Compass Global enjoyed immediate gains in performance and profitability for both its wholesale and retail networks. “Before we migrated to Sansay, our TDM switch alone cost between $75‐90K per month for power and other environmentals, with DS3s, SS7 links and other facilities adding another $100K,” Cary said. “With the new IP infrastructure we can replace what used to take up 2500 square feet with four Sansay units the size of DVD players and consume less power than a hair dryer. We’re saving $180‐200K each month and our quality improved dramatically by eliminating conversions of voice traffic between TDM and IP.”

Said Andy Voss, founder and CEO of Sansay, “Compass Global’s success demonstrates Sansay’s ability to help telecom network operators to reduce costs and improve quality at the same time. Our systems and people work together to enable them to deliver the unbeatable combination of service quality, reliability and value for which they are known, even to the most difficult destinations in the world. As a result their business has grown dramatically.” Voss adds, “Furthermore, as a result of their resilient VOIP network design and use of Sansay’s distributed loadsharing architecture Compass Global was among the limited number of VOIP networks which endured a recent power outage in New York City with no service affecting outages whatsoever. Sansay and Compass Global look forward to continued success as we work closely together to grow our respective businesses.

About Compass Global

Compass Global is a privately held international telecommunications company headquartered in Woodcliff Lake, NJ. The company builds and operates high quality international voice and data networks between the United States and many of the most difficult destinations to reach in South America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The company builds its routes in conjunction with in‐country partners who operate the foreign portion of the network. Compass Global resells international long distance minutes over this network to the world’s major global telecommunications companies. The company has built a worldwide reputation for providing premier quality and service to an elite cadre of customers. This exceptional quality is derived from two components: (i) the company’s state‐of‐the‐art global telecommunication network, (ii) and the company’s proprietary network management and routing software.

About Sansay

Sansay, Inc. is a leading provider of VOIP inter‐carrier/peering and subscriber access session control systems that deliver a unique combination of industry‐leading performance, stability and scalability. Service providers worldwide can improve service quality, reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and gain control over a wide range of VOIP applications including domestic/international wholesale, calling card, residential and business VOIP service, call/contact center and e‐911 service. Founded in 2002, Sansayʹs team includes the co‐founder and several founding technical executives of Nuera Communications. Much of Sansayʹs team have worked closely together since 1993, gaining unparalleled experience and a reputation among VOIP service providers worldwide for their role in conceiving/developing/launching and supporting the highest‐quality products in the VOIP infrastructure market over the past ten years. Sansay is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, CA.