Sansay™ WebRTC Solutions Enable Service Providers and Developers to Target More Than 1 Billion Video Endpoints

More than 1 billion PCs, smartphones, tablets and other endpoints now support WebRTC, Google says, and by 2016, Disruptive Analysis predicts the installed base will hit 3.9 billion. Sansay™ Inc. today announced a next-generation session border controller (SBC) and developer program designed to help telcos, VoIP providers and other companies target that growing customer base by creating enterprise- and carrier-grade WebRTC applications and services.

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COMLINK expands with Sansay, Takes Advantage of Network-Wide Session Control

Sansay™ Inc., the leading independent provider of session border controllers, announces that COMLINK has added Sansay session controllers to support subscriber access-facing real-time services. COMLINK now operates Sansay VSXi session controllers to manage both access and network-facing communications traffic.

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Sansay and Plivo Partner to Open New Markets for OTT and WebRTC Real-time Services

Sansay™ Inc., the leading independent provider of session border controllers, announced the completion of advanced interoperability testing with Plivo, the cloud communications and messaging platform. With reliable interoperability the two companies will accelerate the commercialization of innovative and disruptive new voice services for in emerging and expanding markets.

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Sansay Adds High Capacity Transcoding Products for VoIP Service Providers

Sansay ™ Inc., a leading provider of high performance VoIP infrastructure, announces general availability of transcoding products for VoIP service providers. Sansay transcoding provides high capacity, any-to-any audio and video transcoding, and is available in n+1 redundant configurations with sophisticated call routing capabilities not available from other transcoders.

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VASUDEV Global Selects Sansay As Their Session Border Controller and Softswitch Partner VoIP Session Control System

Sansay™, the leading provider of session controller technologies for the secure peering of packet networks, today announced VASUDEV Global, a company focused to lead wholesale voice carrier market, has deployed Sansay's industry leading session controller, with its unique suite of technologies to increase the profitability of their voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network.

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TeleSpan Selects TNS for Enhanced Routing Solutions Works with Sansay and TCA to Implement Advanced Solution

TeleSpan Communications has selected Transaction Network Services to provide a customized Local Number Portability (LNP) solution for its network. The organization will use the TNS Local Number Portability (LNP) via Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) solution. TNS worked closely with Sansay and TCA to complete the task.

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