Integrated Solution Helps Service Providers Migrate Millions of Minutes off Public Networks

March 28, 2006 – VoIP session control solutions from Sansay, Inc. now include interfacing to Stealth Communications’ VPF ENUM Registry, a database of phone numbers associated with IP addresses, accessible directly via IP connections without requiring PSTN traversal. By combining ENUM support with session control, service providers can save billions of dollars annually by completing voice calls on all‐IP infrastructures without sacrificing quality or post dial delay.

Located in 9 U.S. cities and London, Stealth’s Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) functions as an exchange or meet‐point for enterprises, government agencies and service providers to exchange VoIP traffic and telephony related services in a peer‐to‐peer fashion. The VPF ENUM Registry within the VPF is the world’s first and largest production ENUM registry, with more than 11 million phone numbers enlisted by major enterprises and carriers worldwide to map telephone numbers to SIP or H.323 addresses. The company is a driving force behind the Voice Peering Fabric and Voice Peering Forum, a community with events focused on making end‐to‐end IP telephony a reality.

Shrihari Pandit, president & CEO of Stealth Communications said high‐performance session control is a crucial component in the process. “ENUM is enabling hundreds of organizations to complete calls completely within the IP domain. Powerful ENUM Routing and Least Cost Routing (LCR) become essential to maximizing profitability and subscriber satisfaction.”
Sansay’s VSX inter‐carrier session control products are the first to include built‐in interoperability with Stealth’s VPF network. Glen Gerhard, Sansay vice president of product management, said the resulting migration of minutes off the PSTN can translate into huge savings for CLECs, cable companies and other competitive carriers making them less reliant on incumbent services.

“We’re focused on delivering a mix of ‘real world’ features such as ENUM support, one‐stop E911 support, flexible call routing and other components which allow services to be delivered most cost‐effectively while maintaining quality equal to or better than the PSTN,” Gerhard said. “Services such as Stealth’s ENUM registry increase the percentage of calls that can be completed over all‐IP infrastructures, allowing VoIP providers to become increasingly efficient and cost‐competitive.”

About Stealth Communications, Inc.

Stealth Communications celebrates its tenth year in the telecom industry with its successful lines of services based on Ethernet and IP technology. With a positive attitude towards improving telecommunications and endless innovation benefiting communities, Stealth has earned a great reputation in the industry by providing quality services and customer satisfaction. Stealth works closely with its customers and partners who are in the telecom, financial, realty, educational and government sector. For more information on Stealth and the VPF, visit: and

About Sansay

Sansay, Inc. is a leading developer of VOIP infrastructure systems for service providers worldwide. The companyʹs VOIP session controllers for inter‐carrier/peering and subscriber access applications deliver superior performance, features, stability and scalability, allowing service providers to improve quality, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements while gaining control over a wide range of VOIP applications. The company’s products are commercially deployed in domestic/international wholesale, calling card, residential and business VOIP service, call/contact center and e‐911 call routing.

Founded in 2002, Sansayʹs team is the most experienced VOIP infrastructure development team in the industry, including the co‐founder and several founding technical executives from Nuera Communications, a pioneer in carrier VOIP softswitch and gateway development and deployment. Sansayʹs key executives have worked closely together for over a decade conceiving, developing, deploying and supporting the highest quality products in the VOIP infrastructure market. Sansay is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, CA.