Classifies Sansay’s VSX as an “Essential Component” of Seamless, Best‐of‐Breed Infrastructure

July 10, 2007 – Sirius Telecom, the nation’s largest provider of partitioned softswitch facilities to telecom service providers, is expanding its use of session control technology from Sansay to secure and optimize VoIP and VoIP‐to‐TDM communications with Sansay’s VSX VoIP session controller ensuring maximum performance, security and seamless interoperability in a multi‐vendor infrastructure.

CEO Chris Edgecomb calls the Sansay equipment a vital component of Sirius’ network architecture. “Our services are based on next‐generation Veraz switches with Sansay’s session controllers enabling all network components to operate at maximum efficiency with enriched feature offerings,” Edgecomb says. “The VSX does much more than perform NAT traversal and mask IP addresses. In conjunction with our switches, Sansay allows us to provide customized services to different types of customers. We have worked with Sansay for many years. As we grow, they continue to stay at the forefront of technology and we continue to increase our use of their solution.” Sirius offers hosted switching, collocation and private line services based on its sophisticated next‐generation Veraz switch platform interfaced to Sansay’s VSX.

Dan Maxwell, Executive VP at Sirius says the session controller plays a key part in delivering seamless global services. “The VSX keeps the various IP addresses used by our customers private and lets us deal with the major interoperability issues inherent in VoIP,” Maxwell says. ”We are often presented with very distinctive requirements and Sansay’s responsiveness allows us to support new features and services quickly and reliably. Their support is brilliant.” Sansay session controllers help service providers maximize the performance and profitability of VoIP and VoIP‐to‐TDM networks with the industry’s most extensive routing and protocol support, 99.999% availability and superior customer support.

Sansay founder and CEO Andy Voss says Sirius Telecom’s deployment of the VSX VoIP session controller exemplifies the product’s competitive advantages. “Our equipment, including the VSX deployed here, delivers top performance across a range of VOIP applications, so that providers such as Sirius can expand quickly while delivering secure and reliable services within a reasonable budget,” says Voss. “Domestic and international carriers rely on Sirius’ network for its technological excellence and it’s gratifying for Sansay that they in turn rely on us.”

Sirius Telecom provides VOIP, TDM and hosted softswitch partitioning and collocation space in Los Angeles (One Wilshire) and New York City (60 Hudson) to PTT’s, US carriers, and enterprise service providers.

Sansay, Inc. is a leading developer of VOIP infrastructure systems for service providers worldwide. The companyʹs VOIP session controllers for inter‐carrier/peering and subscriber access applications deliver superior performance, features, stability and scalability, allowing service providers to improve quality, reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements while gaining control over a wide range of VOIP applications. The company’s products are commercially deployed in domestic/international wholesale, calling card, residential and business VOIP service, call/contact center and e911 call routing.

Founded in 2002, Sansayʹs team is the most experienced VOIP infrastructure development team in the industry, including the co‐founder and several founding technical executives from Nuera Communications, a pioneer in carrier VOIP softswitch and gateway development and deployment. Sansayʹs key executives have worked closely together for over a decade conceiving, developing, deploying and supporting the highest quality products in the VOIP infrastructure market. Sansay is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, CA.